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Commercial Aerial Photography

Custom Aerial Photos of Your Business and Your Home

Whether it will be used for a brochure, a website, or for wall decor, an aerial photo of your business or home can be a great asset.

Our negatives and digital images are razor sharp and enlarge all the way to 30x40 size with beautiful clarity.  Please don't judge the quality of our images by the low resolution copies necessary for this website.

Bank in Grand Rapids, MI
Tholstrup Dairies
Hyatt Place
Action Packaging

Construction Progress Aerial Photography

Lakes Mall 1999
Lakes Mall - beginning

We can record your project's progress from start to finish shot at whatever time interval you request.

We can provide razor sharp true verticals as well as angled views from all directions

Lakes Mall, Muskegon, MI
Lakes Mall - completion

Rivertown Mall starting construction
Rivertown Mall construction underway
Rivertown Mall construction complete

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Home on Lake Michigan
A home on Lake Michigan

Whether you are a home owner, a builder, an architect, or a real estate agent looking for that perfect marketing tool and closing gift, aerial photos are hard to top. We provide area views to show the location as well as the tight close-up shots.

Sanocki Home
A Muskegon home in the fall

Land Development

We can overlay your plans on the aerial photos we produce for you to help with your visualization and sales.

The Haven

Legal Uses

Train Wreck

Nothing shows the basics of an accident scene better than an aerial photo.

Events, Places, Boats, Airplanes

Spartan Stadium, MSU
Parade of Sail, Muskegon, MI
T-34 in flight

For pricing on custom aerial photography of YOUR property,
contact us by E-MAIL or by phone 231-798-2395 or 866-300-9691

"whatever your aerial photography needs,

we are your source"